Booked a little role in the pilot for Imaginary Mary playing Mary’s father in a flashback scene. Was a very simple day on set. Show reminds me of the 80’s series Alf, should be a good show, and I notice it got picked up for a season.
Just prepping for a lead in a movie of the week for lifetime called “Death of a Vegas Showgirl”. A dark true story about, well you can probably guess from the title.
And you know the saying “There are no small parts” when it comes to booking roles; well I got to experience that first hand with the CBS show Zoo. I was very happy to book a single episode, small role as a sergeant informing General Davis of a few minor things during the episode. Well there is a similar character in another episode that they decided to bring me back for, and working with the great Peter Outerbridge, he decided that my character should have an actual name in the show. So to start the scene Peter added in “At ease Seargent Mansdale”. Low and behold, my agent gets a call requesting me for yet another episode as “Seargeant Mansdale” and it now looks like I am a full on character in the show. Small role that has turned into something that was always a dream of mine. Just so very very grateful to Clark and Page casting in Vancouver for brining me in for the role to begin with, and for the producers and writers of Zoo, and for Peter for taking the initiative to give my character a name and thus give him life!
It’s been a fantastic year so far!