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My profession is a constant search, delusions, joys, disappointments and ups, everyday life, from which I, the actor, have to do poetry.

Winner: 2014 AMPIA AWARDS – Best Actor – Best Performance by a male actor 2014 for Common Chord

Nominee: 2015 AMPIA AWARDS – Best Actor – Best Performance by a male actor 2015 for Hell on Wheels

Some people approach a film career with the Art of War, 'No Retreat' strategy; diving in with no plan B and forcing yourself to succeed. For me, a film career is a war of attrition, not a single battle. The longer you can stay in the war the more victories can be won. I gave myself a solid career base to support myself as I pursued my acting career and it has made all the difference.
Jason Cermak
Best acting education? Take the money you would spend on a prestigious acting school, travel the world, help people, get out of your comfort zone and become a more interesting person. ....but also learn the fundamentals and do the work.
Jason Cermak
When I started acting full time, I quit my job, halved my income and doubled my happiness. That income eventually far surpassed that of the original career.
Jason Cermak

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2019 Showreel

Show reel covering everything from westerns to sci-fi. Runtime 4:25.

My Latest News

12 June 2024
Superman and Lois
The final chapter in the CW's Superman and Lois has completed filming. It's the end of an era for the CW DC superhero franchise; starting with...
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12 February 2024
Billy the Kid Season 2
February 2024 Jason was in Calgary, Alberta, Canada shooting the second half of MGM's Billy the Kid. Production was halted half way through...
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30 December 2022
Catfish Killer
Filming out in Kelowna BC, Canada mid December, Jason takes on the role of Jack in the thriller "A Catfish Killer" starring Gina Holden.
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29 September 2022
American Girl: Corrine Tan
May 2022 Jason returned to his hometown city of Calgary, Alberta for principal photography on American Girl: Corrine Tan - An HBO Max / Matt...
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16 April 2022
A Deadly Surrogacy - Lifetime
Principal photography has completed on A Deadly Surrogacy, starring Rhonda Dent, Emily Tennant and Ashley Alexander. Directed by Edmonton, Alb...
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1 November 2021
2021 wrapping up
2021 took some time to get going again with the pandemic still affecting production. After Home Before Dark, Jason moved on to the Lifetime th...
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