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8 January 2010
Booked Molson
Was well worth staying around Calgary for a few extra days. It's always a gamble with no guarantees in this business but you have to take the ...
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19 January 2010
Olympic Spirit
Back in Vancouver and just had my first rehearsal for the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. I had missed the first one because o...
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25 January 2010
Fringe and Vinyl
This week wasn't bad on the audition front; got called in for the hit TV show Fringe to audition for a smaller part as an FBI agent. Man, the ...
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28 January 2010
Yours truly in the Canada / US ad.
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11 February 2010
Molson and Audition Updates
My latest ad, for Molson, to be airing during the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. ...
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13 March 2010
New Headshots
Got new headshots with a fantastic photographer named Jane Weitzel. Best headshot experience I have ever had. Check out some of the new ph...
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19 March 2010
Booked a Lead in a Short
Just got cast in the lead in an engaging short film called "Time We Lost" shooting May long weekend. Really looking forward to this shoot as i...
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